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2000. Petrópolis, Brazil.

Lives and works between London and Brasília.

Júlia Mazzoni works with drawing and embroidery, exploring a dialogue between both through the element of the line. She investigates the body and its sensitive possibilities, permeating themes such as time, memory, identity and experience.


2023 | 2024

— MA Fine Art: Drawing | Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London - UAL).

2022 | unfinished

— MA in Visual Arts | University of Brasília.

2017 | 2022

— BA in Visual Arts | University of Brasília.

solo exhibitions


— Limiar | Exhibition space in the annexes of the Palácio do Planalto (Planalto Palace), Brasília, Brazil. 

group exhibitions


 Water, Oil, Honey | The Crypt Gallery, London, UK.

 Where We're Calling From | Copeland Gallery, London, UK.

 Curation and Context: Identity | Studio 18, Millbank Tower, London, UK.

 Intersecting Lines | Arts SU Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK.


 MA Fine Art: Drawing Pop up show | Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK.

— Índigo | deCurators, Brasília, Brazil (Curated by Ouija Consultoria).

— Fotos Sínteses | Casa de Cultura da América Latina (Latin American House of Culture), Brasília, Brazil.

— extas'e.1: sound art exhibition | Casa de Cultura da América Latina (Latin American House of Culture), Brasília, Brazil.


In Touch 2022 | Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), South Korea.

— Do Quarto pra Rua | Casa de Cultura da América Latina (Latin American House of Culture), Brasília, Brazil.

— A bordo em bordas | Espaço Piloto Gallery, Brasília, Brazil.


— Baleia | Casa Abya Yala (BSB Plano das Artes), Vicente Pires, Brazil.

— Olhares Dissonantes | Online exhibition.

— Exposição Coletiva de Fotografias do Centro-Oeste | 2021 Photography Month Festival, DF Plaza Shopping Cultural Space, Águas Claras, Brazil.

— White Page Gallery da EmMeio#13 | Online exhibition, MediaLab/UnB.

— 2ª Vitrine Virtual Artística | Online exhibition, Espaço Cultural Renato Russo, Brasília, Brazil.

— Baleia: Mulheres nas Artes Visuais do DF e Entorno | Infinu Comunidade Criativa, Brasília, Brazil.

— Exhibition-projection Baleia | Infinu Comunidade Criativa, Brasília, Brazil.

participation in publications


— Baleia: mulheres artistas visuais do DF e entorno (Book of the Baleia project).


— 3rd edition of the Pausa na Rede magazine (Casa-mundo: (im)pressões artísticas em tempos de urgência) | Revista Rascunhos.


— 1st Baleia DF zine.

other holdings


Finalist of the Garimpo Dasartes 2023 Prize | Revista Dasartes.

— Participation in the 4º FARGO | A Pilastra/BSB Plano das Artes Booth, Goiânia, Brazil.

— Selected in the 2nd call for Serigraphic Posters | Vilarejo 21.


— Exhibition of the installation Faces | Praça dos Cristais, Brasília, Brazil.

— Portfólio selected for reading at the 1st Festival of Latin American Women Photographers.


— Interview for the Zine SG1 podcast | Circular a Arte Interviews Júlia Mazzoni.


— Finalist of the 1st Habeas Liber Photography Contest (Urban contrasts), from the Faculty of Law at University of Brasília, Brazil.

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