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2020 | 2021

01_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
02_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
03_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
05_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
04_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
07_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
06_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
09_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
013_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
010_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
011_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
015_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
012_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
014_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
017_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
016_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
018_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
08_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
21_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg
07_Linhagens_Júlia Mazzoni.jpg

digital photography

Lineages (Linhagens) is a series of photographs of three bodies: mine, my sister's and my mother's. The images are fragments of bodies in their daily lives; bodies that are linked by blood, but that are individually constructed through (and because of) their particularities. The unidentified images mix with each other, showing the individualities and similarities between three bodies from three different generations. Therefore, an intimate representation of possible connections and disconnections between bodies is suggested - showing the strength that each body (each experience) has individually.

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